CpuIdle 7.5

CpuIdle is a CPU cooling and power management software
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Andreas Goetz

CpuIdle is a CPU cooling and power management software.
The programs enhances the CPU cooling, decreasing CPU temperature, enhancing stability and giving you more margin for overclocking.

CpuIdle achieves all this by shutting down CPU when not used (online cooling), optimizing CPU for maximum cooling effect and optimizing the chipset for maximum cooling effect (only supported chipsets).

When you install the program, it remains as an icon in the Task Bar.

Right clicking on that icon will show you a menu where you can Hide the icon, Enable CpuIdle, set the Options or Exit the program.

In the Options menu you will be able to choose between several tabs.

The CPU Info tab will show you all the information about your CPU, mainly its frequency and memory, and your processor´s manufacturer and type.

In the Startup tab you can set how will the program run at startup.

In the Taskbar tab you can select if you want a graphical icon, a numerical icon (that will show the Idle percent) or none in the taskbar.

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